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Civic Art      
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Since 2004 the Los Angeles County Arts Commission Civic Art Program has implemented over 40 civic art projects for a variety of County facilities. Projects range in size and are managed by a skilled staff dedicated to facilitating innovative projects while providing access to high-quality artistic experiences for the residents of Los Angeles County.


Orit Haj

LA County State Capitol Display Contest

Orit Haj, was named one of ten select commissions in the United States in the Fall/Winter 2013 issue of Public Art Review magazine. Find out more about this award winning artwork! Artist Dominique Moody has just completed her largest public artwork to date, an assemblage piece comprised of found objects, reclaimed wood and reprinted archival photographs. During our most recent Civic Art Open Office Hours event Moody spoke about her experience working with fabricator studio Standard Sculpture, artist Louise Griffin and conservator Donna Williams to create the artwork. Learn more about this project! 

Belvedere Park Pool Replacement


Ducks at Monteith Park

Artist Sonia Romero was selected to create an artwork for Belvedere Park Pool, the first Olympic-sized swimming pool in East Los Angeles. To develop the imagery, Romero took photographs of 35 local residents swimming underwater. The images will be translated into painted steel and incorporated with handmade tiles in swim inspired motifs. Click here for details on this project. 

Monteith Park got some visitors on the first day of spring. Click here for more details about their visit and how you can be part of their adventures. 

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