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Active Projects

Martin Luther King, Jr. Covered Walkway Mural

Amanda Ferrell-Hale Carlos Spivey Peque Brown Ronald Jackson Toni Love
Gateway/South LA
Martin Luther King Jr., Hospital
12021 Wilmington Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90059
Health Services

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Project Description

As part of the upgrade and expansion of the Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) Medical Center Campus in the unincorporated neighborhood of Willowbrook, CA, a covered pedestrian walkway around the campus has been provided. The pedestrian walkway is 900 feet long and features a street-side panel or “canvas” that is approximately 4 feet high. In August 2011, volunteer organization City Year worked with the children from Freedom Schools to design a mural for the first 100 feet. The three commissioned artists Toni Love, Carlos Spivey and Ronald Jackson along with two apprentice artists Peque Brown and Amanda Ferrell will design and install the remaining length of the walkway canvas. The completed murals will remain at the site for the length of the construction period, approximately a year and a half.

The artists will engage the local community in the development and installation of a mural that examines the health and social benefits of art and cultural activities. The artists will then incorporate the findings of the related community based research conducted by LA Commons and the Arts Commission, and will work with a community organization or group to develop the mural’s content. 

The MLK Pedestrian Walkway Mural project is funded by the National Endowment for the Arts Our Town initiative. The Our Town initiative encourages collaboration from the public and private sectors to strategically shape the physical and social character of a neighborhood, town, city, or region around arts and culture activities.

Capitalizing on Los Angeles County’s $600 million investment in health and infrastructure improvements in Willowbrook, the Arts Commission received a $100,000 grant to support artistic and cultural development.

For more information on The NEA’s Our Town initiative, please visit:

Project Willowbrook: Cultivating a Healthy Community through Arts and Culture will be a year-long creative exploration of the Willowbrook neighborhood. The project will include a cultural asset mapping process and ongoing cultural and community engagement activities.  Primary project partner, LA Commons, will assist Arts Commission staff in the identification of artists, cultural assets and resources that are unique to Willowbrook and its adjacent communities.

For more information on LA Commons, please visit


About the Artist

Amanda Ferrell-Hale - Apprentice artist

Amanda Ferrell-Hale is a self-taught multi-medium Visual Artist, Graphic/Fashion Designer, and Business Owner who is a resident of Los Angeles, California. Amanda discovered her artistic talent when she was at a young age during elementary school assignment and today she’s been found to be a truly artistic artist with her own unique perspective. Amanda has been appreciated for her eclectic style, bold use of colors and “movement” in many of her works which are in the form of limited and unlimited original paintings, drawings; handcrafts, customized, and commercialized products which almost all are being marketed through her own establishment called “A. Ferrell Creative Art” and other licensed business in over one hundred imaginative commodities since July, 2006. Each day Amanda works very hard towards the development of business success by publishing and small marketing  her very own work today, which she hopes will lead to huge marketing tomorrow. 

To learn more about Amanda Ferrell, visit

Carlos Spivey - Commissioned artist

Peque Brown - Apprentice artist

Ronald Jackson - Commissioned artist

Toni Love - Commissioned artist