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Hubert Humphrey Health Center


Elena Manferdini
Gateway/South LA
Hubert Humphrey Health Center
5850 S. Main Street
Los Angeles, CA 90003
Health Services

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Project Description

Artist Elena Manferdini's artwork for the entrance of the Hubert Humphrey Health Center embraces the existing building to create a memorable for patients, visitors and staff. The piece is titled "Nembi," the Italian word for cloud.

The artwork wraps the concrete wall at the right of the entry ramp, folds back to occupy the ceiling above it, and finally folds onto the front façade where it connects with the existing green stripes on the building elevation. Specific areas of the artwork have been perforated to filter the light coming from the existing light fixtures in the ceiling above the main hospital entry gate. The figural geometry of the clouds emerges from a series of bi-dimensional drawings produced by the iterative use of a digital coding algorithum that Manferdini developed. The clouds reflect on the act of 'looking up,' and support notions of optimism, care and transformation.

About the Artist

Elena Manferdini graduated from the University of Structural Engineering in Bologna, Italy with a professional degree in engineering and later from University of California Los Angeles with a Master in Architecture. In 2004, Manferdini funded Atelier Manferdini, an artist studio that has been recognized internationally for its ability to create new, distinctive and unique characters for public spaces by means of imaginative public art installations. In 2011, Manferdini was awarded a prestigious grant from the United States Artists (USA) Foundation for her acheivements in architecture and design.

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