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Civic Art      
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The County's collection is comprised of contemporary and historic permanent public artworks located on County property. The breadth of the collection includes artworks that have been donated to the County, artworks commissioned under the auspices of the Board of Supervisors and various County Departments, pilot projects managed by the Los Angeles County Arts Commission that led to the establishment of the Civic Art Program, and artworks created since the 2005 launch of the new Civic Art Program.

The Arts Commission is responsible for assessing the condition of all public artworks in the County collection. To this end, we are in the process of identifying artworks, overseeing initial condition assessments and adding descriptions to this online inventory. If you are aware of a County-owned public artwork that is in need of immediate attention, please contact us at

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To search for Los Angeles County civic artworks by geographic location, choose from either the Region or the Supervisorial District drop down menus. To search for Los Angeles County civic artworks by County Department, Artistic Medium, or Artist's Last Name, choose from those menus. To view the County's entire civic art collection, click on 'VIEW ALL'.