The Recommendation

Increase the size of the LA County Arts Internship Program,  taking special care to reserve some of the additional positions for community college students.


In 2017, the Board of Supervisors expanded the number of positions funded through the program as part of the Cultural Equity and Inclusion Initiative (CEII) in recognition of the unique role of workforce development opportunities like the Arts Internship Program in addressing continued disparities of equity and access to arts careers. The Board stipulated that the additional positions be reserved for community college students, emphasizing inclusivity of those from communities that experience barriers to arts access.

2019 Arts Intern Summit

Info about who is eligible to participate (as an intern) in the LA County Arts Internship Program.

2019 Arts Intern Summit

Frequently asked questions about the Arts Internship Program.

2019 Arts Intern Summit

A list of the current Arts Internship positions.

Note: this list is updated annually during the Spring application period. After that period has passed, the list is then maintained for archival purposes only until the release of the new position list.