The Recommendation

Develop an LA County initiative creating access to work-based learning and leadership opportunities for all high school students who experience barriers to participation, and to prepare youth for careers in the arts and creative industries.


  • The Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture released a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a consultant with expertise to conduct a field scan of organizations, agencies, and programs across the county that prepare youth for careers int he arts and the creative economy. A final candidate has been selected and contracting is in progress.
  • As part of the field scan, the consultant will conduct a literature review of program evaluations, policy analyses, research reports, and other relevant documents; interview practitioners and leaders in the field; and compile both online and other resources.
  • The results of the field scan will be used to develop meaningful and effective strategies to provide youth with access to careers in LA County's creative industries, and build on resources and programs already in place.
  • This recommendation included the hiring of a full-time staff position to support this work. The individual in question was hired in June 2018.