As of Fall 2018, all applicants to the Organizational Grants Program are required to submit board-adopted statements, policies or plans that outline their commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and access as part of their applications. To assist grantees with preparing for this requirement, the Department of Arts and Culture began offering free workshops for current and potential OGP grantees to help prepare for this requirement in March of 2018. These workshops are designed to help you either clarify and begin outlining your organization’s relationship to cultural equity and inclusion, or to deepen the policies you already have in place.

NOTE: Attendance at the CEII workshop does not count toward the OGP application workshop requirement for new applicants or applicants that did not receive funding the last time they applied.

Workshop Types

Aligning Your Organization’s Mission, Vision and Core Values with Cultural Equity and Inclusion

What to Expect

Participants will be guided in reflecting on how their organizations’ missions and core values align with and support the goals of the Cultural Equity and Inclusion Initiative (CEII). All workshop participants will leave with a beginning draft statement, policy, and plan as well as strategies for communicating with their boards to allow for adoption in advance of the fall OGP application period.

Pre-Work recommended

Attendees should bring a copy of their organization’s mission statement and core values (if applicable).

Who Should Attend?

All current and prospective OGP grantees applying in fall 2018 are welcome to attend, particularly those that do not yet have formal cultural equity policies or plans, (as relates to staff, board, and/or programming) in place. Attendees should be individual(s) who have influence and ability to engage the organization’s staff and board in this work, and/or have a current role and responsibility related to the organization’s cultural equity work. Teams from organizations, including board members, are strongly encouraged to attend.

CEII Strategies for Board Recruitment, Engagement and Empowerment

What to Expect

This workshop addresses the role of boards in advancing the cultural diversity, equity and inclusion efforts of the organization. Content includes strategies for board recruitment, orientation and retention. Additionally, we explore implications and issues related to expected/required financial contributions, various aspects of diversity that are beneficial at the policy making level, and effective methods of ongoing board education and development.

Pre-Work Recommended

Participants are encouraged to bring their matrix for board recruitment and any current board approved policies related to cultural diversity, equity and inclusion.

Who Should Attend?

All current and prospective OGP grantees applying in fall 2018 are welcome to attend. Those that have already attended an “Aligning” or “Deepening” workshop and identified board engagement as a key priority are strongly encouraged to attend; however, attendance at the other workshop is not a pre-requisite for this one. This workshop is intended for individuals who are actively involved in board development and management within their organizations.


November 2019

Want More Info?

An online tool kit for developing a CEI plan—developed by the Nonprofit Partnership.