Pat Gomez

Pat Gomez: Staff Spotlight

March 31, 2022 Announcements
Project Manager Pat Gomez’s occasional nickname in the Civic Arts Division is the “Kevin Bacon of the LA Arts World” because similar to Bacon, she’s worked with a lot of people—and if she hasn’t worked directly with a particular artist or an arts administrator, she’s only a few degrees away from working with someone who has.
Madeline Di Nonno

Madeline Di Nonno: Commissioner Spotlight

March 31, 2022 Announcements
Madeline Di Nonno’s career trajectory brought her from intern to CEO, from East Coast to West Coast, and from for-profit to non-profit. She has marketed both consumer products and content, and developed business in media—using a blend of Brooklyn tenacity, networking, and leadership skills she modeled from the exemplary executives she’s studied her whole life.
Pamela Bright-Moon

Pamela Bright-Moon: Commissioner Spotlight

February 26, 2022 Announcements
Pamela Bright-Moon’s journey in the arts may have started behind the scenes in television but she now finds herself centered in something much broader—the intersection of arts, community, government, and advocacy.
Matt Agustin

Matt Agustin: Staff Spotlight

February 26, 2022 Announcements
Arts Education Research Associate Matt Agustin grew up in Lakewood, California, which is nestled against Long Beach and other gateway cities to Orange County—he is proud of and will never give up his "562" area code. He says that Filipinx-American families love pop music, basketball, church, and food—and his was no different.
Alex Hinojosa

Alex Hinojosa: Staff Spotlight

January 21, 2022 Announcements
A staff spotlight on Arts and Culture's Human Resources Manager, Alex Hinojosa.
Commissioner Tim Dang

Tim Dang: Commissioner Spotlight

January 20, 2022 Announcements
A spotlight on Arts Commissioners Tim Dang.