Arts And Culture 2020 And Beyond

What began as a health crisis has become an economic crisis and a moment of reckoning for racial justice. Since mid-March, systemic and structural inequities across LA County have become more visible than ever before.

What is the role of arts, culture, and creativity in 1.) helping people make it through the pandemic, 2.) addressing long-standing inequities in County investments, and 3.) supporting communities in a recovery that must embrace true racial equity? If we want the arts to be relevant and essential in the current moment, the Department of Arts and Culture must translate our best ideas into action. This research project is a first step toward that goal

The purpose of Arts and Culture 2020 and Beyond: Supporting the People of LA County in Crisis and Recovery was to gather innovative ideas from within the Department of Arts and Culture for how LA County government can support local artists, arts nonprofits, small arts businesses, and arts educators with actions that are relevant, meaningful, and timely.

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