Thu, July 11, 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
| LA County Department of Arts and Culture



As part of the Fall 2018 grant cycle, all applicants are now required to submit a board-adopted cultural equity statement, policy, or plan with their application to be eligible for funding. This requirement was initiated by the Board of Supervisors from the Cultural Equity & Inclusion Initiative (CEII) and provides an opportunity for all to share the work of their organizations and their journeys over time. In preparing to meet the new OGP requirement, participants will be guided in reflecting on how their organizations’ missions and core values align with and support the larger goals of CEII.

LACAC acknowledges that the existence and the legacies of the work of culturally-rooted organizations reflect a longstanding commitment to honoring and upholding diversity, equity, and inclusion within the County.

The session will explore the broader context behind the requirement in conversation with Arts Commission staff and organizational leaders, and will be facilitated by Diane Burbie.

All participants will leave with a beginning draft statement, policy, and plan as well as strategies for communicating with their boards to allow for adoption in advance of the Fall Organizational Grant Program application period.

Pre-Work Recommended

Attendees should bring a copy of their organization’s mission statement and core values, and any existing cultural equity statement/policy/plan (if applicable).

Who Should Attend?

This session is intended for organizations that were founded—and continue to be grounded in—work around one or more specific aspects of human diversity, including but not limited to race. Priority will be given to current and prospective OGP grantees applying in the fall of 2019.

Attendees should be individual(s) who have influence and ability to engage the organization’s staff and board in this work, and/or have a current role and responsibility related to the organization’s cultural equity work. Teams from organizations, including board members, are strongly encouraged to attend.