Mon, October 29, 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
| LA County Department of Arts and Culture

Ticket Information

This event is by invitation only.



The "Virtual Reality Arts Education" prototype is part of the Arts Education Innovation Lab's efforts to achieve equity at scale in arts education for youth in LA county. Through the use of VR technology, collaborators hope to scale up arts education by transporting students to new realities in the arts and other content areas. In this think tank, participants will discuss vision, strategy, and concept planning surrounding the development and implementation of this work in LA County schools.

This session will Include

  • A review of VR prototype’s current state, and strategic goals for the future
  • Discussion of how VR can fit into existing curriculum in LA County
  • Live Q&A with Brett Heil, CEO of The Pulse (Australia-based virtual reality software company that is working in collaboration with the VR prototype)

The Arts Education Innovation Lab

The Arts Education Innovation Lab was launched in January 2017 to engage in deep dialogue, exploration and visioning related to achieving equity at scale in arts education for youth in LA County; it aims to bring about a systemic, scalable change in the arts education model at work in the county for the future.