Sat, September 21, 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM
| Veterans Memorial Complex: Auditorium

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This event is free, but an RSVP is required.



A FREE morning of networking and learning with the LA County Department of Arts and Culture in partnership with the LA County Department of Consumer and Business Affairs. This Arts Tune-Up will include an opportunity to participate in three 40-minute sessions on a variety of topics:

Session Descriptions

Getting Your Sh*t Together (GYST)

Presented by Karen Atkinson
Investing in yourself as a creative individual is the best thing you can do for your career. Introducing GYST and its motto: making life better for artists (Including those who run organizations)! This session will cover the steps to GYSTing, including where to find free resources on everything from securing loans to finding a workspace, software to help you organize using sustainable business principles, steps to get your own career up-and-running, and helpful tips that just make life easier.

Surviving Tax Season: A Primer for Artists and Small Businesses

Presented by Abe Carnow
Have questions and fears about taxes? We have a CPA ready to assist you. This session will address a range of concerns regarding individual and small business taxation. It will include an overview of what is taxable and what kinds of deductions are allowable, with special attention given to expenses specific to the artistic field. Audit and collection issues and questions are also welcome. Bring your questions, no matter how large or small, and we’ll do our best to provide answers and solutions.

Using Fund Development to Tell Your Story

Presented by Tomas J. Benitez
The session will feature an overview of writing a proposal for funding, elements of most of grant applications, tips on developing a budget, narrative and work samples, and strategies to consider in writing your proposal. We will also discuss how to search for funding. Participants will receive a list of resources and exchange their own ideas and experiences in a peer learning forum. Handouts will include a grantmaking checklist, a roster of possible sources, and narrative samples.

Creating a Digital Presence

Presented by Marlon Fuentes
The internet is a conversation. Are you a follower or a leader? In this session, learn how to create an inventive voice for yourself through proven editorial strategies used by top influencers and media brands. We will revisit fundamentals of social media and give you a clear understanding of where things are headed through immersive media such as augmented and virtual reality, 3D posts, and voice.


-A Horizontal and Transparent Approach to Empower Freelance Creatives to Gain Social Capital-

Presented by Amelian Kashiro Hamilton, Sisters with Invoices (SWI)
Sisters With Invoices will share methodologies for transparency reform in the work place in order to generate healthy social capital. Safe spaces are a form of currency in this methodology. The session will begin with a brief introduction to SWI and its approach, and outline how working horizontally serves and empowers creatives. Questions, knowledge sharing and resource swapping are encouraged.

Finding and Keeping Your Voice in the Digital Media Space

Presented by J.J. Anderson and Tito Molina, HRDWRKER
Attendees will learn how to define and implement their creative voice in the production process. Throughout the session, participants will be offered guidance in areas of authentic content development, effective client communication and building successful partnerships. Each participant will leave with a solid idea as to how to best use their voice in the Digital Media Space, as well as how to find work and collaborators that complement their personal style.

Resources for New and Emerging Screenwriters to Break In and Break Through

Presented by Carole Kirschner
This session will introduce you to various network and studio writing programs and fellowships, as well as film festivals and writing competitions that can help launch your career. You'll receive insights on what it takes to submit a successful application and what you need to do to prepare to be an ideal candidate. Time permitting, there will be discussion on how best to present yourself in the entertainment industry marketplace.

Utilizing County Resources to Grow Your Small Business

Presented by Melinda Huynh, Los Angeles County Department of Consumer and Business Affairs
This presentation will provide information on a large variety of free business resources which can assist you in expanding and growing your business. Participants will learn how to access resources to further develop their personal and professional goals.

Getting the Gig!

Presented by Emerson Bran
This session will explore the booking process for performing artists. It will include an overview of the marketing strategy and business, how to target the right venue, what to consider as the data approaches and post-performances follow up. You will have the opportunity to present your materials and ideas to best approach the performing arts market.

Copyrights and Trademarks: The Tools of the Artists' Trade

Presented by Counsel for Creators
Working artists create more than just physical works; they create valuable legal rights. This workshop covers two fundamental legal rights that matter to artists: copyrights and trademarks. Copyrights protect the works themselves, and trademarks preserve an artist's reputation. By knowing how these rights work and how they serve to advance an artistic career, participants in this workshop gain a broader understanding of their art practice.


-More topics to be added-