Sat, September 16, 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM

Ticket Information

Free but advanced registration is strongly recommended.


Calling artists and arts administrators in and around San Gabriel! Join us at a FREE morning of networking and learning with the LA County Arts Commission. The Tune-Up will include an opportunity to participate in three 40-minute roundtable sessions on a variety of topics. Visit info tables and continue conversations with colleagues between sessions!

NOTE: Informational sessions on the Arts Commission's Organizational Grant Program (OGP) and Community Impact Arts Grant (CIAG) Program will follow directly after the Tune-Up.

Roundtable session descriptions:

Getting Your Sh*t Together (GYST)
Presented by Karen Atkinson
Investing in yourself as a creative individual is the best thing you can do for your career. Introducing GYST and its motto: “making life better for artists” (including those who run organizations)! This session will cover the steps to GYSTing, including where to find free resources on everything from securing loans to finding a workspace, software to help you organize using sustainable business principles, steps to get your own career up-and-running and helpful tips that just make life easier.

Navigating the Gig Economy
Presented by Pete Galindo
The gig economy -- with its emphasis on freelancers, temps, and contract workers – is exploding. While its flexibility is undoubtedly appealing to many, it can also appear daunting. This session will explore how to make this new economic model work for you, with particular focus on the needs and ambitions of creatives. Learn how to juggle multiple gigs while maintaining your sanity – and how to make the most of the opportunities available in our increasingly entrepreneurial world.

Tangible Tools for Individuals and Organizations Practicing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Presented by Patricia Garza
As artists we need to be aware of how changing demographics are impacting our field. This session will focus on current equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) practices including examining language and vocabulary and understanding the intersectionality of identity. Explore activities and action plans for getting started in EDI work or deepening your personal practice. Leave with tools and to join the growing movement of working towards equity through the arts.

Branding Development & Management
Presented by Brittany Gash

In this crash course, you will learn how to craft and develop a solid and recognizable brand that aligns directly with your artistic and/or organizational goals. You will also leave with an understanding on how to develop long term marketing strategies that differentiate your brand from your competition. Discussion topics include brand elements, appealing to your target audience, brand audits and tips for brand leveraging and promotion.

Your Fundraising Plan
Presented by Leslie Graham
While fundraising might not be your favorite thing to do, the secret to success is to make a plan that works for you, your team and your organization. Come prepared to build an action plan for the next year. In this workshop we will focus on non-grant revenue strategies: targeting individual donors, securing corporate sponsorships, and more. Come with your fundraising goal in mind and be prepared to discuss your ideas with a stranger!

Advocacy 101: Take Action
Presented by Abril Iniguez-Rivas
We play a significant role in the change we hope to see in the world. Our work as advocates takes place not only locally, but also at the state and federal levels. In this workshop, participants will explore their potential as change-makers and leaders in the world, and also dive into easy ways to take action and ignite change.

Diversifying & Managing Your Board: A View from the Inside
Presented by Diane Luby Lane

The Arts Commission’s recent Cultural Equity and Inclusion Initiative emphasized the critical role that board diversification plays in helping organizations better respond to community needs while addressing broader cultural equity gaps in the nonprofit ecosystem. How can small and mid-sized arts organizations start working this goal? What questions, challenges, and unanticipated benefits might arise?  Come gain an on-the-ground perspective from a local arts leader who has put ideas into practice, while sharing your own experiences and lessons learned.

Social Practice: Bringing Art to the Public Sphere
Presented by Chelo Montoya
This session engages art practitioners and interested community members in a conversation about social practice. With the rising demand for community engagement in grant funded projects, social practice has become a core element in creative placemaking initiatives. In this session, we will discuss examples of current works and practices that offer effective strategies and information about artists’ approaches to working in the public sphere, and how community members can best advocate for effective use of allocated resources.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward: Making Successful Presentations
Presented by Judith Teitelman

This session will focus on how best to present yourself, your work, and your projects to producers, curators, presenters, agents, gallerists, investors, funders, journalists and critics. You will learn how to strengthen your communication skills, as well as enhance your listening abilities.Whether you’re an artist, arts business owner or arts administrator, this session is a great opportunity to polish your presentation skills, gain a new perspective on how you see yourself and how others perceive you, and optimize your chances of getting what you ask for.