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Fri, February 1, 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
| Castaic Regional Sports Complex



In pursuit of their the idea that skateboarders are Explorers of the Land and defy the rules of bi-pedal humanity, artists Michael Parker and Todd Ciborowski have created a sculpture that allows the viewer to physically engage in the geography of their location. The skateable artwork is fittingly called: 5 UP: 5-14-138 San Andreas Break

To celebrate, the Arts Commission and the office of LA County Supervisor Kathryn Barger invite the public to attend the opening of the Castaic Regional Sports Complex Skatepark, which includes a dedication of newly commissioned artwork.

The Site

The $1.3 Million, 10,000-square-foot in-ground concrete skate park features sports lighting, a covered seating area, drinking fountain, bike rack, and perimeter walk-ways; Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility upgrades to the existing parking lot; landscaping and irrigation system modifications; and on-site drainage improvements to comply with the County's low impact development standards and guidelines. The addition of the skate park at the Castaic Regional Sports Complex will serve as a great outlet for the communities large skateboard and scooter enthusiasts.

The Artwork

The highly tactile, large-scale artworks are nested into each park’s looped concrete skate paths with the topographical side facing towards the viewing areas. The inner face of these structures is a smooth surface, the shape of a skateboarder’s “quarter pipe,” that transforms the sculptures into gravity-defying skateable features. As such, both sculptures are cast from a smooth, dense, integrally dyed concrete mixture designed specifically for skateboarding. The artists chose a natural, mesa buff color for the concrete to emphasize the existence of the sculptures within a geological continuum, and hand-stained the sculpture bases to evoke weeping rock, in reference to the processes of geological weathering and erosion.

The Artists


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