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Wed, July 3, 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
| The Fort Moore Pioneer Memorial

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The Fort Moore Pioneer Memorial is the largest bas relief military monument in the United States that is located at the actual site it commemorates. Originally dedicated in 1958, it is set to be rededicated on July 3, 2019.

The monument features a terra-cotta memorial wall, an 80-foot waterfall, and a pylon/flag pole. Its memorial wall depicts scenes of the migration, settlement, and expansion of Los Angeles after the Mexican-American War. Since 2016, the LA County Arts Commission and Public Works have been working to restore the monument. The pylon and flag pole commemorate the site of the original Fort Moore, where Los Angeles’ first US flag was flown, and the first local Fourth of July was celebrated.

At the July 3 re-dedication, visitors will see the waterfall, which has been turned on again for the first time in almost 42 years and has been made more environmentally sustainable. There will also be a new time capsule sealed during the ceremony—containing stories, memories, and mementos that represent LA County’s cultural, geographic, and historic diversity.