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3965 South Vermont Avenue - CS-AIR

3965 South Vermont Avenue
3965 South Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles, CA
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Latitude: 34.012556 - Longitude: -118.291753
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3965 South Vermont houses community-based organizations and County departments that provide services to adult probationers and aid them in rehabilitation and reentry. Somos LA Arte, the art academy of Homeboy Industries, was selected as the resident arts organization to establish an arts-focused approach to client care at the 3965 South Vermont Avenue Reentry Center. The workshops facilitated by Fabian Debora of Somos LA Arte/Homeboy Academy and his team engage clients with visual art exercises and creative writing to help them process the challenges they face during their time of reentry. The Art Gang workshops have been tailored to meet the needs of the moment, nurturing clients’ resiliency and providing a safe space to process feelings. Additionally, Fabian played a key role in developing a long-term strategic plan to integrate the arts into the DOORS Reentry Center.