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Fort Moore Pioneer Memorial

Public Works
Fort Moore Pioneer Monument
541 North Hill Street
Los Angeles, CA


Latitude: 34.058990 - Longitude: -118.242530
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Dedicated in 1957, the monument is over 60 years old and exhibits damage due to time, the elements, seismic activity and human interaction. In 1977 the 80 foot-tall waterwall was shut off because of drought and has not been in operation since. Due to the highly integrated nature of the memorial and its art elements, the Deputy Director of Collections is serving in an advisory capacity to the Department of Public Works and is managing the art conservator who is experienced in architectural historic preservation and is serving on the project team. Fort Moore Pioneer Memorial is one of the County's most important historic civic artworks, standing where Los Angeles residents celebrated the first Fourth of July after becoming part of California and joining the union. It is also the largest bas relief military monument in the United States located on the site it commemorates. Construction began in spring 2017 and expected to be completed in fall 2018.