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The Baroda Wall Art Donation

Health Services
LAC+USC Medical Center
1200 North State Street
Los Angeles, CA


Latitude: 34.059504 - Longitude: -118.208402
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Project Description

The Baroda Wall is an abstract sculpture by artist Brad Howe. David Bohnett, a Los Angeles entrepreneur and philanthropist, originally commissioned The Baroda Wall in 2005 for a 200 foot outdoor wall at his residence. Mr. Bohnett sold the residence and has since had no other opportunity to display this considerably large artwork. He donated it to Los Angeles County for the benefit and enjoyment of the public. The artwork is being installed at the LAC+USC Medical Center adding to the growing and diverse art collection at the medical center. To date the artwork has been installed in the plaza and planning is underway to install the remaining pieces on the Rand Schrader Clinic. Rand Schrader was an AIDS and gay rights activist, a judge of the Los Angeles Municipal Court and the long time partner of David Bohnett. Schrader died of AIDS relatedcomplication in 1993. Installation on the clinic is expected to be completed by fall 2018.