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Some Place Chronicles



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Project Description

Some Place Chronicles is a creative placemaking project that features the people, histories and cultures of East Rancho Dominguez, Florence-Firestone, Lennox and Ladera Heights/View Park/Windsor Hills. A project of the Los Angeles County Arts Commission in partnership with the Temporary Institute of Unincorporated Studies at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), funded by the Office of Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas.

What is Creative Placemaking?

Creative Placemaking brings artists, residents, business owners, civic and community stakeholders together to assess the unique physical and social character of a place through creative activities, research and conversation, helping to ensure that local perspectives and knowledge inform community development initiatives.

How It Works

Working together with community members in a sustained effort of engagement and discovery, artists from CalArts will converse, listen, map and inventory the distinctive character that defines each of the areas. The result will be the publication of five creative community profiles that preserve the shared experiences, stories and memories of the neighborhood.

The Artists

East Rancho Dominguez:  Thomas Lawson, painter, writer, editor and educator,
To view book please see link below
East Rancho Dominguez: I’ll Make Me a World | East Rancho Dominguez: Me Creare Un Mundo:

Florence-Firestone:  Jeannene Przyblyski, urban explorer and artful historian,
To view book please see link below:
A Paseo through Time in Florence-Friestone | Un paseo traves del tiempo en Florence-Firestone:

Lennox:  Harry Gamboa Jr., photographer, video-maker and educator,
To view book please see link below:
Lennox: A Colorful Place to Land | Lennox: un colorido lugar para aterrizar:

Ladera Heights/View Park/Windsor Hills:  Sandy Rodriguez and Isabelle Lutterodt, cultural landscape painting/photography collective (Studio 75),

What’s Happening?
•In spring 2015 CalArts offered a college-level course for undergraduates and graduates on creative placemaking, with a particular focus on South Los Angeles.
•Public engagement activities and conversations with residents led by CalArts faculty and alumni artists and students will be conducted throughout summer and fall 2015 to better understand neighborhood character and the creative life of each community.
•An online community and project resource site will be developed with photos, videos, links, field research, events and presentations, and will be available for general public use.
•The publication of five distinctive community profiles.
•A book launch event in each of the project areas in Spring 2018 celebrated the communities of East Rancho Dominguez, Florence-Firestone and Lennox.

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