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George Lane Skate Park

Parks and Recreation
George Lane Park
5520 West Ave L8
Quartz Hill, CA


Latitude: 34.651635 - Longitude: -118.228724
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Project Description

For George Lane Skate Park, the artist collaboration Michael Parker and Todd Ciborowski envisioned a skateable sculpture that pays hommage to skate boarders as explorers of the built environment. Along with its companion sculpture at Castaic Skate Park, the artists utilized a digitized topography of the area between the two parks- bounded by the 5, 14 and 138 roadways- to create a concrete element that is integrated into the park's skate path. Facing the entrace to the skate park, the seven foot high element presents this cast, three-dimensional map, while the opposing face of the vertical sculpture becomes a quarter-pipe skate feature.