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Manhattan Beach Library

Public Library
Manhattan Beach Library
1320 Highland Avenue
Manhattan Beach, CA


Latitude: 33.886832 - Longitude: -118.410499

Project Description

Artist Kathy Taslitz has designed two artworks that are meant to connect the library visitors and staff to the spirit of Manhattan Beach. To help understand the essence of the community, Taslitz spent time interviewing people along the beach boardwalk. Taslitz chose kelp and jellyfish as vehicles for her interpretation of the place. “Personal Archeology” is a wall relief sculpture resembling the form of kelp leaves, spanning 20 feet by 10 feet, which undulate up the wall along the walkway to the mezzanine level. Words describing the past, present and future of Manhattan Beach will be hidden in the intricate pattern of the leaf-like forms. “Prevailing Affinities” is a series of suspended sculptures simulating a bloom, or family, of jellyfish. Located in the skylight space above the stairwell, 18 bulbous figures, with their extended tentacles touching one another, are meant to embody the act of connection and cohesion among groups of individuals or families within the Manhattan Beach community. The underside of each form will be a different color borrowed from the City’s official seal.