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Camp Ground: Arts, Corrections and Fire Management in the Santa Monica Mountains (CAMP)

Malibu Conservation Camp 13
1250 Encinal Canyon Rd
Malibu, CA


Latitude: 34.085143 - Longitude: -118.864074
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Project Description

Camp Ground: Arts, Corrections and Fire Management in the Santa Monica Mountains (CAMP) embeds an artist, Kim Abeles through the Armory Center for the Arts, in the Los Angeles County Fire Department to work in collaboration with the paid and inmate workforces, and community stakeholders that service the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. The artworks and creative programs that are developed will explore new models in two core areas: increasing public awareness, engagement and responsible stewardship through the County’s wildfire management programs; and providing skills development and job readiness opportunities for incarcerated women through creative activities related to the Santa Monica Mountains.

The Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area (SMM) is a 154,000 acre mountain range in LA County that borders the Pacific Ocean. An important asset, it’s defined by an abundance of chaparral, cultural resources and recreational activities. The SMM’s adjacency to urban communities, dry summers exacerbated by drought and high winds make it susceptible to wildfires. According to the NPS, fires are caused almost exclusively by humans.

The Los Angeles County Fire Department (Fire) provides public education, brush clearance, and emergency fire response. Malibu Conservation Camp 13 (Camp 13) Sew Shop, an all female inmate camp jointly operated by the California Department of Corrections (Corrections), repairs clothing for Fire staff, makes backpacks, radio harnesses, belts, and other products as requested.

CAMP addresses a critical need by using the arts to advance awareness and will embed artists at CAMP 13 which services the SMM. During the artist residencies, creative research into Fire services and initiatives led by NPS and other jurisdictional partners will inform the development of final projects that use creative methods to increase public knowledge about wildfires.

The Armory Center for the Arts (Armory) will lead the program at Camp 13 and work with artist Kim Abeles, who has experience developing art projects with underserved communities.