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Civic Art Baseline Inventory

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The Arts Commission is responsible for updating and maintaining the County civic art inventory and to make the information accessible to County staff and the public. A comprehensive baseline inventory commenced in FY 14-15 covering approximately 900 County sites. The mission of the inventory is to conduct an accurate and efficient survey of County owned, leased and managed sites for artworks that meet the civic art accession criteria. Survey activities gather the data to catalog basic facts about artworks, conduct provenance research for those artworks of uncertain ownership, and raise awareness of departmental contacts of their art and its maintenance needs. Field registrars and conservators will update condition reports on artworks already in the County’s civic art collection and photograph, measure and document basic aspects of newly found art that meets art accession criteria. This inquiry into the civic art assets of County properties will provide the necessary documentation to launch the next steps of ensuring the continued access of the County’s artistic and cultural resources.