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Camp Vernon Kilpatrick Replacement Center

Camp Vernon Kilpatrick
427 South Encinal Canyon Road
Malibu, CA


Latitude: 34.090645 - Longitude: -118.834579

Project Description

The newly imagined Camp Vernon Kilpatrick is scheduled to open in April of 2017. This renovation and replacement project was initiated by the Department of Probation in order to institute an entirely new approach to probation camp design and programming. All previously existing structures have been demolished and are being replaced in a 42,000 square foot campus built to accommodate 120 minors. The new campus features an administrative building, a support center, four individual cottages with open dormitory style housing, an ancillary building and various site improvements such as a recreational multipurpose field, surface parking, on site utilities and security fencing. The dorms have been replaced by cottages that will house groups of no more than 12 teens in cohorts who will attend classes, counseling and other daily activities as a team. Arts Commission staff members participated in the redesign process and are currently field testing new models for the delivery of arts programming.  These arts intensive modules integrate both in school and after school arts programming that connects to themes from the Road to Success Academy project based learning curriculum being implemented by the Los Angeles County Office of Education.