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Civic Art: Four Stories from South Los Angeles - Creative Graffiti Abatement Project

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The Arts Commission was awarded a grant through the Open Space District program to develop innovative arts-based projects that promote the value of civic spaces and work to deter vandalism at four facilities in the Second Supervisorial District. Those properties are East Rancho Dominguez Community Center in East Rancho Dominguez, Woodcrest Library in West Athens/ Westmont, AC Bilbrew Library in Willowbrook and Victoria Park in Carson, respectively. Called the “Creative Graffiti Abatement Program,” the work has considered a variety of artistic approaches that embrace social and physical characteristics to beautify and enhance public space. Projects recently completed include an assemblage artwork by Fausto Fernandez that commemorates neighborhood history and a community cooking show and aesthetic enhancements in the kitchen, community room and courtyard by Christina Sanchez Juarez Projects. Swift Lee Office's artist-designed canopy and mural creates a  public gathering space and artist-team Greenmeme activates the interior courtyard of the library with a green wall that celebrates historic architecture. A documentary video (below) was produced by artist Sara Daleiden  that chronicles the process from start to finish.