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La Puente Enhanced One-Stop Development Center

Public Works
La Puente One-Stop Development Center
16005 Central Avenue
La Puente, CA
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Latitude: 34.01993 - Longitude: -117.94971
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Project Description

The Department of Public Works is constructing the La Puente One-Stop Development Center, a building that serves as a multi-agency permitting center for Los Angeles County and contracted cities. Artist Carly Lake was selected for this project to complement the heritage of La Puente while also embracing the history of stewardship of the land, the diversity of past and present communities, and the essential values of environmental sustainability. As part of the artist’s community engagement, Lake hosted basket-weaving and natural dye workshops with Cindi Alvitre and Erin Berkowitz for La Puente High School students. Her digital design was translated and fabricated into glass mosaic tile by Miotto Mosaic in Italy in the Spring of 2022. The artwork will be installed on a slightly curved exterior wall at ground level near the entrance of the building by Miotto Mosaic in Spring 2023.