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Olive View - UCLA - Recuperative Care Center

Health Services
Olive View - UCLA Medical Center
14445 Olive View Drive
Sylmar, CA
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Latitude: 34.32593 - Longitude: -118.45102
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Project Description

Artist Debra Scacco was selected to create an exterior artwork at the Recuperative Care Center of the Olive View-UCLA Medical Center. The artwork “Here-and-Now Mountain” is a sculptural, lightweight concrete pavilion visible from the Recuperative Care Center and Residential Treatment Program areas. The sculpture involves an open dome composed of two concrete slabs onto which a cut-out depiction of the San Gabriel Mountains casts light. Within and immediately surrounding the work, visitors experience colored forms shifting with the sun’s position, allowing the structure to reflect different colored shadows throughout the day like a sundial, creating new views and perspectives from moment to moment. “Here-and-Now Mountain” utilizes the therapeutic qualities of light and nature to complement and assist the extraordinary mission of Olive View Restorative Care Village.