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Park to Playa Trail- Scenic Overview Through Stocker Corridor

Parks and Recreation
Park to Playa
Blair Hills Corridor
Culver City, CA
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Latitude: 34.014021 - Longitude: -118.375828
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Project Description

The Park to Playa Trail is a 13-mile-long regional trail that connects a network of trails and parks from the Baldwin Hills Parklands to the Pacific Ocean. Artist Kim Abeles was selected to create seven sculptures along the Park to Playa Trail, leading visitors along the winding trail between the Stoneview Overlook to the west and the Stocker Corridor in Kenneth Hahn Park to the east. The artworks, which take the form of seed pods from various trees located within the park, were fabricated in concrete, terrazzo, and metal. The interiors of the seed pods depict maps that are further informed by activities, locations, and viewpoints found throughout the trails of the park.