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Fluid Dynamics

Mythograph, Inc. Kipp Kobayashi Marta Perlas
Artwork Type
Media & Support
Paint on concrete
Parks and Recreation
Alondra Community Regional Park
3850 West Manhattan Beach Boulevard
Lawndale, CA
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Latitude: -118.341952 - Longitude: 33.886055
Image: Fluid Dynamics

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Kipp Kobayashi and Marta Perlas of Mythograph explored Alondra Park before designing Fluid Dynamics. One of the first things that they noticed was the physical presence of the lake. In addition to being the park’s most defining feature, the lake is also habitat to many bird species. Inspired, the artists were compelled to use water as a unifying theme. Early skateboarding evolved as surfers first pioneered the idea of “surfing the streets.” After looking at images of skate boarders doing various moves and tricks, the artists became interested in the shadows they projected on the ground. Using this as a point of departure, Mythograph began to compose a pattern of silhouettes that captured an imagined visual record of the skaters who will use the park. As the composition was layered, the blue, rippling pattern also came to resemble a wave.
Similarly, for the area surrounding the pool, the artists looked at instructional swim diagrams and noticed a striking resemblance between them and the shapes birds make in flight. Using these forms, the artists composed a flock of figures that give the appearance of humans “flying” towards the lake.

About the Artist

Together, artist Kipp Kobayashi and architect Marta Perlas form Mythograph, Inc. They have been commissioned for several public projects including works at the Serra Mesa – Kearny Mesa Branch Library, the Founder’s Garden in Ontario, California, and the 7th Street/ Metro Center Station for the Los Angeles MTA. Kipp Kobayashi received his MFA from USC and has worked in environmental design for Walt Disney Imagineering. Marta Perlas, AIA, designed the Ontario Center View Corridor and the Calexico New Port of Entry in Imperial County, California.