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Different Strokes

Paul Tzanetopoulos
Artwork Type
Media & Support
Unglazed porcelain, glass, grout
6 ft.x 96 ft.* (1.8 x 29.3 m)
Parks and Recreation
Mary M. Bethune Park
1244 East 61st Street
Los Angeles, CA
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Latitude: -118.253145 - Longitude: 33.983734
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Artist Paul Tzanetopoulos designed a tile mural for the pool house at Mary M. Bethune Park. The mural features a graphic design of abstracted swimmers and is located on the back wall surrounding the pool. "Different Strokes," the title of the artwork, celebrates diversity in all its aspects. The community pool is a place for all people to come together.

About the Artist

Paul Tzanetopoulos was born in Athens, Greece but has lived in the Los Angeles area for over thirty years. He received his BFA from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and his MFA from the University of California, Irvine. Tzanetopoulos works in many different media including video, light, painting, and sculpture. His public works include tile murals for the US State Department's Consular Office Building in Ho Chi Minh City, integrated artwork for the Sun Valley Metrolink Station, and an outdoor video installation for the City of West Hollywood. He once stated to the Los Angeles Times that he believes "art for public spaces should be site-specific and interactive with its environment." His most famous work, the lighting design for the pylons outside of the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) illustrates this belief.