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Circle of Ripple

James T. Dinh
Artwork Type
Media & Support
Porcelain enamel steel, concrete, rock, sculpted earth, sycamore trees, deer grass, no mow lawn
1 ft.x 2 ft.x 1/16 in.* (0.3 x 0.6 m)
Parks and Recreation
Hacienda Heights Community and Recreation Center
1234 Valencia Avenue
Hacienda Heights, CA
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Latitude: -117.977660 - Longitude: 34.012510
Image: Circle of Ripple

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Artist James Dinh designed “Circle of Ripple,” a crescent shaped earthwork inspired by the topography of Hacienda Heights, to create a gathering place for visitors of the community center and park. Created in the land art tradition, the large-scale artwork utilizes natural materials such a soil, rock and plants. Three curving concrete benches encircle three California Native Sycamores and incoporate 42 porcelain enamel panels featuring historic photos and documents to create a visual timeline of the Hacienda Heights community from its agricultural heritage to the present day. The Parks and Recreation Department is considering mitigation measures for damage the artwork suffered in early 2015 and to prevent future vandalism.

About the Artist

James Dinh is an artist, landscape architect and founder of Studiodinh—a multidisciplinary studio that specializes in site specific environmental art and graphic design. He received a Master of Landscape Architecture from University of California, Berkeley, a Master of Public Health from University of California, Los Angeles and a Bachelor of Science in Biology from University of California, Irvine. Circles of a Ripple is Dinh’s first commission with the Los Angeles County Arts Commission. For more information, please visit