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Paul Botello
Artwork Type
Media & Support
Acrylic on cement
36 ft.x 82 ft.* (11 x 25 m)
Parks and Recreation
City Terrace Park
1126 North Hazard Avenue
Los Angeles, CA
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Latitude: -118.179100 - Longitude: 34.048299
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Paul Botello worked with at-risk youth through the County Probation Department to produce a monumental mural for the exterior of the City Terrace Park Gym. This, like Botello’s other murals, references Latin American culture and history through a variety of complex symbols and diverse themes. The park is in a residential area so Botello wanted to create a peaceful mural “about the veneration of life,” in his words. The central figure is a Mexican Indian goddess, a Mother Earth character from whom life and bounty flows. She is surrounded by people planting, harvesting, and celebrating. On the right, a mother lovingly guides her daughter out the front door into the larger world outside.

About the Artist

Paul Botello was introduced to mural painting at an early age by his older brother David, a fellow muralist. Born and raised in East Los Angeles, Botello went on to receive his BFA and MFA from California State University, Los Angeles in addition to a certification in industrial drafting and computer-aided design. In 1994 Botello collaborated with Eva Cockcroft on a mural in Berlin, Germany entitled Global Chessboard. Besides adorning buildings throughout East Los Angeles and southern California, his works are held in the permanent collections of the Hammer Museum and the Laguna Art Museum.