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Inverted Landscapes

Elena Manferdini
Artwork Type
Media & Support
Digital print on stainless steel and powder coated aluminum
Public Works
Zev Yaroslavsky San Fernando Valley Family Support Center
7515 Van Nuys Boulevard
Van Nuys, CA
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Latitude: -118.449251 - Longitude: 34.208442
Image: Inverted Landscapes

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Floating overhead in the lobby of the Zev Yaroslavsky Family Support Center is the fantastic imagery of Inverted Landscapes, a 12 feet x 44 feet sculpture created by Elena Manferdini.

Transitioning between easily identified flora and fauna such as butterflies and ladybugs to bursts of pixelated color, the artwork is meant to shift one’s point of view. It appears to be a single sculpture. Yet is actually a combination of digitally printed imagery, three-dimensional perforated powder coated metal panels and stainless steel reflective disks. Manferdini photographed flowers, leaves and insects from all angles to create the imagery. Through digital manipulation, she combined the individual photos to create a flattened three-dimensional collage with enhanced vibrancy and color, giving the artwork depth and a photorealistic finish.

Another artwork is located at the west side of the building at the plaza entrance. Here, Manferdini created a ceramic tile floor pattern and window treatment that anchors the design to the ground and juxtaposes clouds of hydrangeas, petals and buterflies into a skyscape.

About the Artist

Elena Manferdini graduated from the University of Structural Engineering in Bologna, Italy with a professional degree in engineering and later from University of California Los Angeles with a Master in Architecture. In 2004, Manferdini funded Atelier Manferdini, an artist studio that has been recognized internationally for its ability to create new, distinctive and unique characters for public spaces by means of imaginative public art installations. In 2011, Manferdini was awarded a prestigious grant from the United States Artists (USA) Foundation for her acheivements in architecture and design.