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Leaping Fish, Nature's Cycles

José Rude Calderon
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Travertine stone, stainless steel, waterworks lighting
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East Los Angeles Civic Center
4800 East 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA
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Latitude: -118.160673 - Longitude: 34.033883
Image: Leaping Fish, Nature's Cycles

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Jose Rude Calderon’s Leaping Fish, Nature’s Cycles was commissioned by former First District County Supervisor Molina for the East Los Angeles Civic Center Renovation Project. Two sculptures of fish jumping into and out of the water are situated in the center of Belvedere Park Lake. Water shooting out from small fountains at the sides of the fish implies splashing of movement. Calderon’s concept for the piece reflects on the perpetual cycles of life using the fish as symbols of rebirth and renewal. The lake is a metaphor for nature’s cycle as the younger fish springs from and the older fish returns to the waters of its origins.

Jose Rude Calderon was born in Costa Rica and lives and works in Monterey Park, California. His work has been included in numerous solo and international group shows. In addition to practicing as a public artist, Calderon works in both painting and stone carving in his studio.