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The Aviator

John Cody
Artwork Type
Media & Support
Serpentine stone
Pacoima Facility
12605 Osborne Street
Pacoima, CA
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Latitude: -118.407576 - Longitude: 34.256432
Image: The Aviator

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Sculptor John Cody created this monument, The Aviator, for County aerial firefighters at the request of his friend Karen Langley. Karen’s son, Jeffrey Langley, was a firefighter paramedic with the Los Angeles County Fire Department who lost his life in 1993 in a helicopter accident during a rescue attempt. Jeffrey Langley was also a prominent safety advocate and worked tirelessly to raise money for additional practice equipment and training time for County firefighter air operations personnel. Following his death his friends and colleagues continued his efforts and a stationary helicopter was installed on top of a tower at the Pacoima facility for training. The sculpture sits in front of this tower.

About the Artist

Born in 1948, John Cody spent his youth in Virginia and became interested in stone sculpture as a teenager after volunteering at an indigenous archaeological site in South Carolina. The stone carvings he helped excavate fascinated him and he soon began sculpting in the same medium. Cody moved west when he was eighteen and arrived in southern California in 1967, first settling in Solvang. It was here that he began quarrying serpentine stone, a material that remains his favorite. In 1976, Cody moved to Los Olivos and later opened an art gallery there in a former blacksmith’s shop. His public commissions include works at the Santa Maria Natural History Museum, the Santa Maria Courthouse, and Knotts Berry Farm.