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Reflections on the Past, Present & Future of Los Nietos

Louise Griffin
Artwork Type
Media & Support
1 ft. 5 in. x 22 ft. 9 in. x 1/8 in.* (7 m)
Public Library
Los Nietos Library
8511 Duchess Drive
Whittier, CA
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Latitude: -118.072842 - Longitude: 33.964609
Image: Reflections on the Past, Present & Future of Los Nietos

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Photo Credits:
Timeline West Elevation
Chief Ernie Salas of the Gabrieleno Tribe,Kizh Nation/Tim Poyorena-Miguel
1771: La Mision Vieja/Tim Poyorena-Miguel
1774: Mission San Gabriel Arcangel/Tim Poyorena-Miguel
1785: Toypurina/Chief Ernie Salas, Andrew Salas, Christina Swindall Martinez, Dr. Gary Stickel
Cover illustration by Nyguen
1804: Poyorena Adobe/Tim Poyorena-Miguel
1834: Maps of private land grant cases of California, [United States. District Court (California)]/UCB Bancroft Library
1852 John Gately Downey, [Security Pacific National Bank Collection]/Los Angeles Public Library, Maria Jesus Guirado/Tim Poyorena-Miguel
1861 Sketch of Los Nietos First School
Antonia Sanchez Poyorena/Tim Poyorena-Miguel
Bernardino Guirado/Tim Poyorena-Miguel
1865 Eduardo Poyorena/Tim Poyorena-Miguel
1870 Canedo-Celaya Adobe/Gloria Tafoya
1888 Los Nietos Train Depot/Margaret Lewis
1889 Los Nietos School Bell/Louise Griffin
1890 Los Nietos School/Gloria Tafoya
1900 Los Nietos Store/Tim Poyorena-Miguel
Eduarda Poyorena Guirado Home/Tim Poyorena-Miguel
1911 Pacific Clay Products, [Security Pacific National Bank Collection]/Los Angeles Public Library
1912 Whittier Citrus Association/Tim Poyorena-Miguel
Timeline – South Elevation
1920s Bert Colima/Gloria Tafoya
1923 Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church/Gloria Tafoya
1932 Mushroom House/Adobe on Rancho Santa Gertrudis,[Works Progress Administration Collection]/ Los Angeles Public Library
1933 Ada Shuman Nelson/Los Nietos School District
1937 Los Nietos School/Los Nietos School District
1951 Ada Shuman Nelson School/Los Nietos School District
Rancho Santa Gertrudes School/Los Nietos School District
1954 7-Uppers/Gloria Tafoya, Leo Grijalva/Gloria Tafoya
1955 Wallace S. Wiggins School/Los Nietos School District
1968 Wallace Luttrell Wiggins/Gloria Tafoya
1957 Aeolian School/Los Nietos School District
1971 Edward Guirado/Tim Poyoena-Miguel
1979 Los Nietos Library Artwork by Barbara Beall/Louise Griffin
1994 Recognition of Kizh Gabrieleño by State of California/Tim Poyoena-Miguel
2009 Jonathan Vasquez/Los Nietos School District

About the Artist

Louise Griffin is a Los Angeles-based artist who is transitioning from an architecture to a studio art practice. Her work demonstrates a deep commitment to environmental sustainability and community. This commission will result in her first permanent public art installation. Griffin received her MArch from UCLA and completed her thesis at the Royal Academy of Art, Architecture School, in Copenhagen, Denmark.