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Dora De Larios Interpace
Artwork Type
Media & Support
Glazed ceramic
8 ft.x 16 ft.* (2.4 x 4.9 m)
Public Library
Norwood Library
4550 North Peck Road
El Monte, CA
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Latitude: -118.015939 - Longitude: 34.087018
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When the Norwood Library was built in 1977, Dora De Larios was commissioned to create a mural for the Library’s entrance. The mural is comprised of ceramic tiles in an abstract and colorful design bisected by a band of brick-colored tiles. The entire artwork is meant to be reminiscent of Pre-Columbian condor and eagle motifs.

About the Artist

Dora De Larios has resided in the Los Angeles area all her life. Born in Los Angeles to Mexican parents, she spent her childhood living downtown near Temple Street. In 1957 she received a BFA from USC. The ethnic diversity of Los Angeles, as well as her extensive travels and study of world religions and ancient art at USC, led to the development of her pan-cultural style. De Larios’ public works include sculptures in Hawaii, New Jersey, Florida, Tahiti, Japan, and numerous cities in southern California. She has also created a ceramic dinner place setting for the White House. Since 1959 she has been featured in over 50 gallery shows and museum exhibitions including the Craft and Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles and the Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery in Washington, D.C. She has taught ceramics at USC and UCLA.