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Valises for Camp Ground: Arts,  VALISE 2 – TOOLS

Kim Abeles
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4 ft.* (1.22 m)

1250 Encinal Canyon Rd, Malibu, CA 90265
All County
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Latitude: -118.864070 - Longitude: 34.085114
Image: Valises for Camp Ground: Arts,  VALISE 2 – TOOLS

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The sculptural and instructional valises will be used by the National Park Service and County Fire Department to teach about fire prevention, national forests, and our relationship to nature. Each valise has a theme with specific talking points, and all of them circle back toward teaching issues about fire abatement and our connection to the wilderness.
The female inmates at Camp 13 who have been trained as firefighters supplied the content for the valises through their experiences with firefighting and fire abatement methods. The process was organic in the sense that there was a two-way conversation between artist Kim Abeles as artist-in-residence and the inmates regarding the development of the valises. Along with the talking points, the firefighters also responded to the artistic, content-driven outcomes. Participants also worked alongside the artist on the development of elements of the valises.
Some of the valises are based on discussions with park rangers regarding issues including fire prevention in residential areas especially those adjacent to forests; securing homes from wildlife entering and getting trapped, and conversely, encouraging wildlife through habitats; invasive plants vs native species; and citizen’s responsible use of parks and national forests.
Following is a list of ten valises and notes about the visual elements and talking points:
Valise 1 - Fire Line (11 lbs)
Valise 2 - Tools (11 lbs)
Valise 3 - Native vs. Invasive (7 lbs)
Valise 4 - Prevention (14 lbs)
Valise 5 - Abatement (10 lbs)
Valise 6 - Coulter (19 lbs)
Valise 7 - Nature (7 lbs)
Valise 8 - Home (20 lbs)
Valise 9 - Abatement (12 lbs)
Valise 10 - Stewardship (13 lbs)