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Body of Knowledge

Tom Van Sant
Artwork Type
Media & Support
Sculptured brick, ceramic
14 ft.x 10 ft.* (4.3 x 3 m)
Public Library
Angelo M. Iacoboni Library
4990 Clark Avenue
Lakewood, CA
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Latitude: -118.133361 - Longitude: 33.848872
Image: Body of Knowledge

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Body of Knowledge is composed of a large undulating curvilinear shape surrounded by a pattern of intermittent bricks that jut out of the wall. The adjacent bricks form a pattern appear random and at the same time are reminiscent of Braille writing or the symbols from a computer data print out. Before installing this brick bas-relief sculpture over the Angelo M. Iacoboni Library’s main entrance, Tom Van Sant sculpted each brick according to his master diagram and then supervised the firing at the kiln site. The artwork was then set into the wall by brick masons under Van Sant’s direction.

About the Artist

Tom Van Sant has created over sixty public murals and sculptures. His artwork can be found throughout southern California as well as internationally, including in the Honolulu, Taipei and Los Angeles airports. Van Sant was born in Los Angeles in 1931. He received a BA from Stanford University, a MFA from Otis Art Institute, and a MA in Environmental Arts and Sciences from Goddard College. Two other Van Sant artworks are held in Los Angeles County’s Collection, Inventive Progress of Man at the Bell Library, and Flight at the Huntington Park Library.