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Keeping Watch

Steve Farley Tom Galloway Richard Young
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Mural: Ceramic; Floor: Terrazzo
Fire Station 150
19190 Golden Valley Road
Santa Clarita, CA
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Latitude: -118.465135 - Longitude: 34.392210
Image: Keeping Watch

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Artist Steve Farley designed a tile mural and terrazzo artwork for the entrance lobby. Using this this experience as inspiration, he developed a tribute to those "Keeping Watch" over the Santa Clarita Valley for the lobby of Fire Station 150. The artwork includes a conceptual aerial map on the station floor made of terrazzo. The map details the area's main arterial roadways in brass, the Santa Clarita River in blue, and the arteries of the human heart in red. A glazed ceramic photgraphic tile mural covers the north facing wall with an image of a firefighter watching over the Santa Clarita hills. Viewed from the back, he is meant to represent all firefighters past and present.

About the Artist:
Steve Farley received his BA from Williams College in Wiliamstown, MA. Farley has completed numerous public commisions including two stations for the Phoenix, Arizona Light Rail; Gardner Community Center, San Jose, CA and the Broward County West Governmental Center, Broward County, FL. Farley serves in the Arizona State House of Representatives and is a Board member for Arizona Action for the Arts. He maintains a studio in Tucson, AZ.