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Desert Creatures

Elizabeth Garrison
Artwork Type
Media & Support
Parks and Recreation
Stephen Sorenson Park
16808 Avenue P
Lake Los Angeles, CA
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Latitude: -117.830065 - Longitude: 34.604321
Image: Desert Creatures

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Desert Creatures is comprised of 57 artist designed, hand-made tiles on each side of the main entrance of the gymnasium. They are created from different colored bodies of high-fire stoneware and glazes. Many of the details and textures are the result of casting patterns from the soles of old tennis shoes and pinecones. The artwork features fauna and flora indigenous to the area, including road runners, owls, California quails, bob cats, tortoises, lizards, and Lupine flowers.

About the Artists

Noted American sculptor Robert Merrell Gage (1892-1981) was a native of Topeka, Kansas. He relocated out West in 1923, and served as head of the sculpture department at USC for 30 years. In addition to numerous commissions of American figures such as Walt Whitman and John Brown, as well as architectural sculptures, one of Gage’s life-long interests was in Abraham Lincoln. Gage executed likenesses of Lincoln in many stages of life, and even starred in a 1950s film in which he modeled Lincoln’s features while narrating the story of his life.