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Awesome Bears

Philip Lumbang
Artwork Type
Media & Support
Health Services
LAC+USC Medical Center
1200 North State Street
Los Angeles, CA
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Latitude: -118.208631 - Longitude: 34.059865
Image: Awesome Bears

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Philip Lumbang painted his signature Awesome Bears on a wall in the pediatric wing of the medical center. The mural was a donation through the Art of Elysium VIEW (Visual Imagery and Environmental Wellness) Program which brings art, music and drama into the hospital to benefit children with serious illnesses. Research has shown that art can help speed the healing process and makes the hospital experience less stressful. Art of Elysium brings well known street artists into the hospital to create art that speaks to children and adolescants.

About the Artist

The Sacramento-born, Los Angeles-based artist has made a name for himself by painting what has been become known as “polite bears” on public walls around Los Angeles. Providing contrast to typically macho graffiti, his life-sized characters wave, smile, and are accompanied by word balloons that say things like “Have a nice day” and “Don’t worry, be happy.” While the warmth-inducing pieces are bold enough to smite passers-by in buses, bikes, and cars, closer inspection reveals a painterly hand. What might be mistaken for stencils from afar turn out to be the products of a confident brush worthy of a gallery setting. Phil lives in Los Angeles and has previously worked with Shepard Fairey’s Obey Giant Studio Number One.