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Bridge Railing

Al Price
Artwork Type
Media & Support
Powdercoated steel
3 ft. 3 in.x 110 ft.x 5 in.* (1 x 33.5 x 0.1 m)
Parks and Recreation
4th Avenue Park
553 South 4th Avenue
La Puente, CA
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Latitude: -117.993165 - Longitude: 34.035713
Image: Bridge Railing

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Al Prices's sculptural bridge railing is a composition that changes relative to viewing angle. Viewed head on, the rods are as vertical and as straight as pin-stripes, but in the periphery of these vertical lines the composition changes quickly to diagonal lines of increasingly oblique angles that generate fascinating matrices of shapes and patterns.

There are (24) 1-1/2inch Schedule 160 seamless steel pipe supports with 1/4" thick steel brackets MIG-welded at each layer. The top bracket also covers the top of each support post. A 3/16" diagonal is welded at each bracket to continue the pattern of the panels. Each bracket has (2) 5/16" dia. water jet holes that align with expansion slots in both ends of the arced plates. Stainless steel hardware connects each plate to a bracket.

Computer models were used for water jet cutting the arc shapes and inform the fixture designs. An adjustable fixture and several key plates held the arc shapes at the correct height. A fixture aligned the diagonals and a pivoting frame was employed for optimum welding position. Additional design and set-up time was required to ensure fixture accuracy with the different radiis. (198) five foot lengths of arc shapes were water-jet cut and each edge rounded. There are (12,672) diagonal 3/16" round bars of (5) different lengths. The diagonals were MIG-welded from the front of one plate to the back of the plate directly above. Water-jet brackets are welded to the support posts at each layer.

Each post is welded to a 3/8" thick steel plate that is bolted to the bridge and spaced approximately 5’ on center. The sculpture was transported in sections and bolted together on site. The panels weigh approx. 70 -751bs. The welds were wire brushed and sandblasted to remove any spatter or residue from the fabrication process. The sculpture was powder coated first with a zinc primer coat, layered with a glossy black powder coat, and a clear gloss finish coat.

About the Artist

Al Price has a history of making art that conveys a sense of motion: floating, ascending, and expanding. He employs linear compositions that merge the elegant and simple with the vigorous and dynamic. The artist’s large steel sculptures are activated by the moving viewer whose perspective of the structure and the shadows it casts changes constantly. Price has recently completed projects for the KFC Yum Center in Kentucky, Target Field in Minnesota, and the award-winning Kyrene Monte Vista Pedestrian Bridge in Arizona.