Three Disks
Rowland Heights Library
Dora De Larios
District 4
5 Up: 5-14-138 San Andreas Break
Castaic Skate Park
Michael Parker and Todd Cibirowski
District 5
AV Art Outposts
Little Rock
Robin Rosentahl
District All County
Lennox Past, Present, and Future
Lennox Park Pool House
Create Now
District 2
El Movimiento (The Movement)
Florence Avenue Lot
Oscar Magallanes
District 2
With a Little Help From My Friends
LAC+USC Medical Center
Shepard Fairey
District 1
Where We Are From
Dockweiler Beach
Mobile Mural Lab
District 4
Awesome Bears
LAC+USC Medical Center
Philip Lumbang
District 1
Every Piece of Ivory Comes from a Dead Elephant
Department of Public Social Services District Office
Damon Martin
District 1
Martin Luther King, Jr. Medical Campus
Carlos Spivey
District 2
The Cerritos Mural Project
Don Knabe Community Regional Park
Raul Paulino Baltazar
District 4
Untitled (Cesar Chavez Mural)
Firestone Area Probation Office
District 2
Around the Heart and Through the Soul
LAC+USC Medical Center
Gregory Siff
District 1
Grow, but Never Grow Up
Adventure Park
Nate Frizzell
District 4
Big Wishes and Magic Birds
Carolyn Rosas Park
Bunnie Reiss
District 4

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