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The Social Media Intern will assist in designing, creating, and executing various social media campaigns at New Musicals Inc. Campaigns will promote projects which include live and pre-taped online concerts, greenscreen videos, lectures, video webseries episodes and short musical films. NMI is flexible as to whether this position is 100% remote, whether it includes on-location components. We are equally flexible about start/end dates, and number of hours per week.


The ideal Social Media Intern will have some background and general working knowledge of marketing, e commerce, and a wide variety of social media platforms. The Social Media Intern will have good general computing skills and be comfortable with using online forums and posting in online user groups and social networks, as well as cross-platform integration and promotion. Very useful to the position will be working knowledge with some combination of the following software: Office (Word, Excel, Access, Publisher), WordPress, Divi (Wordpress template), Toolset, Event Manager and Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere).


New Musicals Inc. is a bustling community of writers, composers, actors, singers, directors, etc. collaborating on the creation and presentation of new musicals for both live and digital theatre. It's been around for over 40 years. We have a diverse, robust series of programs ranging from academic to professional, and from theatre to video.

How to Apply

Email a chatty/informal letter to admin@nmi.org and attach a formal resume or bio. (Honest: be chatty; let your personality shine through.) Address your interest in social media marketing and promotion, your interest in working remotely or on-location, and your ideal timeframe for the internship. TIP: Be straightforward about your interest in working on-location or remotely, as well as your calendaring needs; we don't have an agenda here…candidates will not be given preference one way or the other; we can design this internship to suit you. Please note: This internship is open to currently enrolled undergraduate college students who are currently enrolled as undergraduates, including students enrolled in associate degree (community college) programs. The intern must also be a resident of Los Angeles County attending college outside of the region or currently attending college in Los Angeles County.