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The Production Intern at AGC will work with and support the Director with productions, and student driven projects and events performed throughout the summer by AGC staff and students. Through this internship, the intern will gain experience becoming a Production Intern through hands on and practical skill development. The position also offers an opportunity to engage with at-risk youth and emerging artists, ages 7-18 in South Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Our Interns serve as mentors for students and ambassadors for the program, networking with the Industry professionals, community partners and key stakeholders. It is an excellent opportunity to witness the impact of the arts and caring adults who use the conduit of the arts for creating positive social change for youth and the communities in which they reside.
The intern position is primarily scheduled:
Monday-Friday from 8:30am - 5:00pm from June 1st - August 25th.


A prospective intern should have a general knowledge and/or interest in performing arts, production, entrepreneurial aspects of the creative industry, business and/or technical aspects of theatrical and digital production Successful candidates possess a strong work ethic, have great interpersonal and time management skills, are open to learning and constructive feedback, actively participate, flexible with work assignments, remain calm under pressure. Must be able to work effectively while managing multiple deadlines and tasks throughout the internship. Candidates must be effective communicators, provide clear and precise information both written and verbally, work collaboratively with team members and stakeholders including but not limited to: students, parents, staff, crew members and public vendors. Successful applicants exemplify the mission of the organization, serving as both an ambassador and mentor w/ flexibility to work evenings and a culminating weekend for the production.

How to Apply

To apply to become a Production Intern for AGC, interested candidates should email a cover letter and resume to honoreel@usc.edu, with 'Production Intern Application' as the email subject line. Their cover letter should describe why they're interested in the position, the skills and talents they bring to the position, their areas of interest, and desired development. We are interested in how they will work with us in our mission to create access and opportunity for those distinct voices that are often not heard, and help to instill the value of listening to those voices in their communities and beyond. AGC is a place where everyone is family. It's not just a motto; it is our mantra, and we intentionally seek those who embody that inclusive, entrepreneurial, and convergent spirit that continues to rise as a great local friend, neighbor and beacon in our community.