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For the LACA Internship Program, the Pieter intern will work an average of 34 hrs/wk for 12 weeks in exchange for the stipend offered by this grant, i.e. $5,700 ($14.25 an hour or $530 per week) for the 400-hour internship, and being able to take all of the regular classes for no cost, workshops if there is space, and to book free last minute studio space. Tasks include signing people into classes and workshops, helping to host Pieter events, see https://pieterpasd.com/calendar/, and working with Pieter staff on administrative and studio maintenance projects. After the first month, interns are encouraged to create a research project based on something they or the studio needs or wants. With each internship we try to tailor it to the individual person's interests, needs and skills, and connect them with like-minded artists working in the field.

How to Apply

If you are interested in an internship or would like more information please email pieterpasd@gmail.com