(Above) "Vincent Thomas Bridge" by Susan Logoreci.

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (Public Health) has issued a number of protocols to plan for the safe reopening of our arts, culture, and creative economy sectors. We collaborated with Public Health to help the creative community navigate COVID-19 openings safely, and we centralized these documents here for easy access. 

Arts and culture are essential to LA County's economy, identity, wellbeing, and recovery. We offer this guidance as we all navigate the reopening and recovery phases of our cultural sector. 

Continue to Practice Caution 

As certain activities are allowed to resume, the Health Officer continues to urge residents to proceed with caution. Vaccinations are primary tool with which we fight COVID-19, and information about them is below. With variants, breakthrough cases, and winter approaching -- as well as the increased indoor activity and travel that comes with it -- we still need to consider safety protocols at our arts organizations. Certain activities are allowed, but that does not mean those activities are  without risk.

Botson Court

Information about how to make a vaccination appointment. Vaccines are free, and immigration status and insurance are not required. 

Level Ground

Guidance for reopening your organization or business, including how to verify vaccinations with audiences.

Steven Sach's Presentation

This guidance is meant to help theaters, galleries, arts nonprofits, and community-based organizations navigate mask and vaccination requirements.


Permitted Activities for Arts and Culture

The following Public Health protocols provide detailed guidelines for specific types of venues and activities. Protocols are legally required mandates and must be followed. Read these carefully to ensure any planned events or activities fall within what is permitted under these guidelines.

Reopening Protocols

Best practices to prevent COVID-19 infection for businesses that host large events, both indoor and outdoor.

DIAVOLO Dance Theatre

Great summary of mask, testing, and vaccination requirements for public settings -- large and small, indoor and outdoor. 

Updates to the Health Order and Protocols

Reopening and recovery is dynamic. As sectors reopen, health orders are adjusted.Check the County Public Health website regularly for updates.

Risks of Non-Compliance

Public Health Orders and protocols are legal mandates. Failure to adhere to public health protocols could result in Public Health shutting down the event, producers issuing a fine, and jeopardizing the producer or producing organization’s status as an eligible County grantee or vendor.


Questions about your specific events and plans are best answered by representatives from the Department of Public Health. Contact the COVID-19 call center for assistance at (877) 777-5799. Arts and Culture staff are unable to review plans or provide specific feedback or guidance on how to comply with the public health order. But you can write to communications@arts.lacounty.gov and we can work with our DPH contacts to get you answers. 

Additional Resources


Learn more about how to get a vaccination, and what you can do after you have been vaccinated: http://publichealth.lacounty.gov/media/coronavirus/vaccine/index.htm 

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

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