Bali & Beyond


East/Southeast Asian
Traditional Balinese Gamelan


Duo (2)
Trio (3)
Quartet (4)


Maria Bodmann
(818) 837-9485


Metallophones (slendro & pelog tunings), various gongs/gong chimes, cymbals, flutes, hand drums and jaw harp

PA System

Indoors & Outdoors


Inspired by the cultures of Indonesia, Bali & Beyond offers a variety of programs including traditional Balinese gamelan, creative gamelan music, authentic and contemporary wayang kulit shadow theatre and Indonesian arts presentations. Bali & Beyond produces concerts, workshops and residencies for universities and civic venues; music, visual effects and consultations for the feature film and recording industry; and educational programs for arts organizations, museums, universities and K-12 schools. Traditional performances feature meditative songs and powerful dramatic pieces, sacred ritual pieces, processionals and royal court music, as well as contemporary styles, performed on shimmering bronze metallophones, gongs and gong chimes, flutes and drums from Bali, Indonesia. Bali & Beyond concerts celebrate the legendary island of Bali and their music is spiced with cultural insight, as the performers inspire audiences to look beyond their own surroundings for new forms of expression. Specific styles include: gamelan gender wayang (slendro tuning), gamelan semar pegulingan (chamber music size, pelog tuning), beleganjur (processional music), gamelan gong suling (flute ensemble) and the rarely heard genggong (Balinese folk music on jaw harp and flute), as well as rindik/tiklik (Balinese folk music on bamboo xylophones). The ensemble also performs ancient Bali Aga music, salunding, on their gamelan gender wayang instruments.