El-Haru Kuroi


Mexican/Mexican American
Central American
Brazilian Tropicalia


Trio (3)
Quartet (4)
Quintet (5)


Eddika Organista


Contra bass, guitar, traps-percussion, accordion/keys and horns (optional)

PA System

Indoors Only


El-Haru Kuroi is an East Los Angeles trio whose musical spectrum reflects their experience in the ever-changing melting pot of their city. Their music is rooted in Mexican, South American, and African melodies and rhythms, with a small hint of a jazz and post punk aesthetic. El-Haru Kuroi’s sound incorporates a blend of high-energy vocals, intricately strummed guitar, booming contra bass, and a “Traps Percussion” set-up. While mostly an electric trio, they also perform acoustically, adding to their musical dynamic. Lyrics in Spanish and Portuguese, combine with El-Haru Kuroi’s instrumentation, to create a modern pan-Latin American sound the band calls East Los Angeles’ nueva tropicalia.

“Combining the snarling urgency of post-punk with the sensuality of bossa-nova, they’ve come upon something very different and exciting to listen to.” M. Cotto, KCRW